Anniversary Video

Last weekend my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with much of the family in Colorado Springs.  We couldn’t make it to CO for the festivities, so we made this little video of a few of our favorite places in Dublin instead.  Happy Anniversary Great Grandmother and Great Granddad, we love you and miss you very much!

P.S. My username or handle on YouTube, Picasa and Twitter is “eqedad”.  So you can search under that name for for videos, pictures or the latest updates.

P.P.S.  There are new pictures of Patrick here and a short video from Isaac and Liesl’s birthday party here.


Isaac and the Bike

So Isaac got a legitimate bicycle for his fourth birthday, complete with pedals and (hand) brakes. On his birthday, he seemed much more excited about other gifts than the bike. I figured his interest in the bike would increase in its own time. We’re now about a week into the experiment and he’s very excited. By the second day he had the hang of pedaling. By the fifth day, he cycled to McDonald’s and back for dinner, a 5k round trip. By this time next week, he’ll probably beat me in a race. Here’s a short clip from last Monday, when he just got the hang of pedaling.