St Patrick’s Day

This year we celebrated St Patrick’s day at the community parade in Maynooth, County Kildare. Maynooth makes a delightful outing because it’s a 20 minute train ride and the station there has a big playground. Today being St Patrick’s day there was also a parade complete with Irish dancers, marching bands, boy & girl scouts, trackers and fire trucks. The kids enjoyed about the first hour of floats but then were ready for the playground.

Waiting for the Maynooth train....and wearing green under the coats.
Waiting for the Maynooth train….and wearing green under the coats.

In other news, Bishop Walsh celebrated Mass at our parish this weekend. Liesl asked him afterwards why he didn’t wear his “special hat” (mitre). He told her that he just brought his small hat (skullcap) and offered to let her try it on.

Trying on the skullcap
Trying on the skullcap

St Patrick’s Day Weekend

St Patrick’s day weekend is here and all of Ireland is buzzing with excitement. To mark this year’s celebration the Irish Foreign Ministry produced a video ad called Ireland Inspires. I thought it was good and that you might enjoy it!

Valentine’s Day

If your name is Liesl, every day is a good day for pink. So Valentine’s day is a *really* great day for pink, especially pink shoes. I didn’t even know Converse came in pink. This pair was a big hit not least because they were ‘tie shoes’.

Happy Valentines Day 2014
Happy Valentines Day 2014

We marked the day with pink porridge for breakfast (Patrick was not amused), the timely arrival of care packages (thanks!), and Belgian chocolate. Here’s hoping your day was great.