Thanksgiving with the Coffey’s

Ooops!  I need to get this posted before tomorrow.  Otherwise I will have broken one of my New Year’s Goals.  (It would look bad to fail on the first week…)  This post is definitely “better late than never”, but oh well.

My family (Mother, Dad, Taylor, Jay, and Taylor’s boyfriend Evan) joined us in Dublin for Thanksgiving.  It was weird celebrating a US holiday overseas because there was virtually no mention of the holiday in Ireland.  We had a wonderful time, and the upside was that we could go to the store on Thanksgiving day to get last minute items.

We spent some time downtown.  It was quite chilly the first few days everyone was here.

Downtown with the family (ignore Jay's semi-possessed look)

Of course, we went to St. Stephen’s Green:

Liesl in the swings
Isaac getting stuck on the jungle gym
Isaac navigating the rope bridge - with Jay

We also went to several museums, but no photography is allowed.  We took a lunch break at Fallon & Byrne.  This is our favorite grocery store/restaurant/wine cellar.  What foodie wouldn’t love that combination!

Lunch break at Fallon & Byrne

Once we got back to the house, everyone but Liesl and I took a nap.  (Liesl slept most of the way home – thanks to the train.)  Luckily, we received a package from Jay’s girlfriend, Megan, and it contained Reese’s peanut butter cups!  Liesl LOVED them.  For some reason, Europe has a wonderful selection of chocolate, but no Reese’s.  The bag of Reese’s did not make it through the week.

Liesl enjoying a Reese's peanut butter cup

On Wednesday, Taylor and Evan arrived, and we took the family to our favorite Irish pub – The Hole in the Wall.  This is a great pub next to Phoenix Park.  If you ever find yourself in Dublin, and want a pint, or a meal, at a traditional and non-touristy pub, this is a great choice.

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve!

We taught Isaac and Liesl how to say “Cheers!” and the waitstaff even brought Isaac a half-pint glass of water to match Brad’s pint of Guinness.  Now, at every meal, the kids want to “do Cheers” as Isaac puts it.  When we were in Amarillo over the holidays, the kids got some really interesting looks for making “Cheers!” at restaurants.


I can’t believe that we forgot to take any pictures on Thanksgiving day.  We had a wonderful, traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Next year, I might reconsider buying a turkey.  Since the Irish do not typically eat turkey for any holiday other than Christmas, finding a turkey for Thanksgiving was a challenge.  I had to order one from Fallon & Byrne.  Here is the price tag:


€81.06 for a turkey!!  This is approximately $110-115, for an almost 12-lb bird.  Maybe next year we’ll have chicken.  The turkey was excellent though.  It was an organic, bronze turkey – pasture raised and extremely fresh.  We didn’t have a choice of turkeys to choose from (no frozen Butterballs here), so I’m glad we had the opportunity to try it.

We took the train into town on Friday to do more sightseeing.

Brad, Liesl, and I
Jay and Isaac
Evan and Taylor

We had a wonderful time seeing all of our family, and meeting Evan for the first time!  More pictures can be found here.

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