Liesl’s Impromptu Haircut

So….Liesl got a haircut last night.  She had one small chunk of hair that was longer than the rest, even with her curls. It was probably missed last time I trimmed her hair.  So after her bath last night, I sat her in my lap to trim her hair.  Of course, because she is MY daughter, she squirmed at just the wrong moment and I accidentally cut a much larger chunk of her hair off!  (Parent of the Year!)  I had to even out the rest of her hair, and it is now in a short, curly bob.

A picture of Liesl's hair, pulled back with clips
Clearly my "sand stays in the sandbox" rule is not working
More sandbox time

I took the above pictures this morning when the sun was shining beautifully.  (A rarity here…)  I had ordered her a dress from Tea Collection.  I love love love their clothes, but had one small complaint.  The website said this dress had short sleeves.  I think this dress is sleeveLESS , which is great in the US, but not so great in Ireland – thus the need for the sweatshirt over the adorable dress.

The back of her hair, and her cute new dress, via Instagram

Maybe next time I’ll pay to have her hair cut…but then again, if she squirms for someone else, and gets a bad haircut, I still have to pay them!

Mommy, I’m Stuck!

Last night, we had some friends over for dinner.  Brad had to pick them up at the train station, so he removed one of the carseats from the car.  Liesl watched him intently as he removed the carseat, and took it upstairs to the guest bedroom (so it wouldn’t be sitting in the middle of the entryway).  About 15 minutes later, I was in the kitchen when I heard her screaming, “Stuck! Stuck!  Mommmmeeeee! I want out!”  I went upstairs to find:

All strapped in

Liesl had gone upstairs, and strapped herself into the carseat.  Of course, she doesn’t know how to unbuckle herself, so she was stuck there for several minutes before I heard her.

And yes…she is still wearing those shoes!

Big Girl

In preparation for the new baby’s arrival, we have been teaching Liesl to walk up and down the stairs, instead of us carrying her every time.  Yesterday, as we were walking down the stairs, I reached for Liesl’s hand to guide her and to make sure she didn’t fall.  Instead, she pulled her hand back and told me, “No Mommy!  I am a BIG girl.”

Well, we got sassy quickly!  She must get that from her father.

Miss Big Girl and her ponytails