Primer in market fundamentals

For those of you who have never been to our house, we don’t have a ton of toys, but the toys we have seem to have a lot of pieces (Thomas the Tank Engine, wooden blocks, Noah’s Ark + animals, legos, etc.)   Ideally “open-ended” toys are supposed to foster creativity and imagination.  However, I think these toys just provide something for me to step on the the middle of the night!

A few weeks ago, I stepped out of the living room for a minute, and when I returned, the kids had dumped all of their toys out onto the floor.  I listened for a moment and realized they were bartering between themselves for toys.  It was hysterical to see and hear the exchange between them, even though Liesl doesn’t have much of a vocabulary.  Yet, she still seemed to get what she wanted.

The mess took forever to clean up.  However, a little lesson in market fundamentals never hurt anyone!

Babies R Us

Me:  “Come on Isaac, let’s go run an errand.”

Isaac: “Where are we going?”

Me: “We are going to Babies R Us.”

Isaac (in a very serious tone): “Yes. Babies R Us.” (pause) “To get more babies.”

Hmmm…I don’t think so…