Moving to zone defense!

Since it is the right time of year for a football analogy, we will be moving from ‘man’ to ‘zone’ defense in March!

In case you are a little rusty on your football terminology, (perhaps like the Longhorns and Red Raiders were last Saturday), we are expecting our third child sometime around March 25, 2012.  We are very excited to meet this addition to our family.  Knowing this baby’s other siblings, Baby #3 will probably show up a week early – too impatient to wait any longer.   The baby is doing well, and I’m already into the second trimester.  This definitely explains why I was so tired over the summer!  (And I thought it was just the international move + two kids!)  Right now, our Irish friends and neighbors are enjoying the opportunity to name the baby the most obscure Irish name they can find.  Front runners include:

  • Fearghal – pronounced “Fur-gull”.  Irish/Gaelic for brave and courageous.
  • Seamus – pronounced “Shay-mus”.  Apparently this gem is Irish/Gaelic for James.

Both of the above names are boys names.  My neighbor came up with some real winners for girl names as well, but I can’t remember how to spell them, much less pronounce them. **For anyone with a son/relative named Fearghal or Seamus, I hope you aren’t offended.  :)

As for my career plans, they are on hold for the moment.  Between work permit challenges, Irish culture, and maternity leave restrictions, we feel that it is best if I wait until after the baby arrives to jump into the job search.  In the meantime, I plan on doing some contract work with firms back in the States to keep my skills up-to-date.

We pray for this baby’s continued health.  We are very thankful for all of life’s blessings – even the unexpected ones.  I ran across this article a few days ago, and found it very fitting for our situation.  Life’s story always changes, but the last chapter isn’t written yet!

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