Internet inspiration meets real life – Part II

If you remember, when we moved into this house last fall, I had great ideas about what to do with an unused space in our kitchen.  Unfortunately, we ripped a quarter-size hole in the drywall instead. We decided to go ahead and set up some shelving that we already had, and put up the magnet board and buckets to store various art supplies.  The kids enjoyed having everything within reach to, as Isaac says, “do art”.

Temporary Arrangement

The kids finger painted “hand-print turkeys”.  Also, if you will note in the picture below, Liesl tried tasting the paint – good thing it is non-toxic!

Fall finger painting

Before Thanksgiving, we decided to patch the hole, and paint the kitchen wall.  I ran across this inspiration from Apartment Therapy.  (Love love love Apartment Therapy!)

Chalkboard wall in a kitchen

Source:  Apartment Therapy

We found chalkboard paint at B&Q, and set to work painting our kitchen.  B&Q is the Home Depot or Lowes of the UK and Ireland.  We decided to just paint one wall.  The winters are long and dark in Ireland, and we didn’t want to have a “cave” for a kitchen.  This wall is just enough contrast, and it faces another wall with a window, which prevents the kitchen for being overly dark.

Painting the wall

Contrary to the pictures, Brad did not do all the painting!

More painting

Below is the final product.  It turned out much better than we thought.  For those who are curious, using the wall as a chalkboard does not create excess dust.  We actually “erase” the chalk using a wet washcloth, rather than an eraser.  My apologies about the semi-blurry picture.  It was taken at night, and the lighting in the kitchen can be really harsh.  I’m still trying to figure out how to adjust the flash setting on my camera and the lighting in the kitchen.

Final product!
Other side of the door

We moved the shelving unit to the corner, and hung the magnet board on the other side.  The kids made Christmas trees to hang on the board.  We also moved the buckets out of reach of Liesl.  Previously, she had loads of fun dumping the crayons, paint brushes, and colored pencils onto the ground.

Art supply and display center

We use the shelving unit to store art and craft supplies, and toys that the kids have to ask us to play with, such as play dough and some puzzles.  On a shelf within their reach, we have stored their “play kitchen” supplies, which is basically a set of empty food boxes and canisters.  (I.e. we are too cheap to buy them an actual play kitchen…so far!)


The kids enjoy the chalkboard wall, and it is an easy way to distract them while we’re cooking dinner.  Otherwise, they are both underfoot – asking questions, claiming to be starving, whining about what we’re having, and just generally being difficult.

Isaac (and his hot chocolate)

Finally – a home improvement project that ended in success!  Now, if we could only decide what we are going to do in the new baby’s room.  My due date is in 2 months, and at this rate, the baby will be sleeping in the pack-n-play.  We hope to have something put together soon.