Daytrip to Howth

Last Weekend, we decided to kill a lazy Saturday by taking a day trip to Howth.  Howth is out on a peninsula in the Dublin bay.

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The kids love going to Howth because there is always something going on.  This day was no exception.  It was the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival!  Of course, we didn’t know about the festival until we got there, but oh well.  The weather in Dublin has been particularly bad for the past month, but last Saturday, there was a break in the wind and rain for a few hours.

We went to the playground, where there is a pirate ship playscape, and ‘sailboat’ jungle gym:

Liesl on the slide
What are you looking at?

The kids played another family on the ‘sailboat’ at the playground.  The parents from this family spoke German (I think), but the kids spoke both English and German.  It was interesting to watch the kids interact with one another. (Isaac is in the back, wearing his black hat.)

'Working' on the sailboat

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants – the Brass Monkey, across from the wholesale fish market.

Brass Monkey Restaurant
Fish and chips for Isaac at lunch (via Instagram). Love the tiny basket of fries (chips)!

Down the pier from The Brass Monkey is the Irish Coast Guard station, where one of their boats was on display.  The kids loved playing around in the boat.


On our way back to the carpark, there was a display from the Irish Transport Museum.  Isaac really liked the steam-powered tractor.  It looked like it came right out of the Thomas the Train books.  When the whistle blew, Isaac jumped about 2 feet into the air.  He was NOT a fan of the whistle.

Brad and Isaac at the steam tractor

Next to the tractor was a restored railcar that sold sausage. Very random.

Sausage Railcar

Of course, while Isaac was enthralled at the steam tractor, Liesl could care less.  When the whistle went off, she didn’t even flinch.  She was too busy playing in the grass and flowers.  I snapped this picture with the Celtic cross in the background.

Liesl in the grass
Playing in the grass

The fishermen had their boats all tied up in the harbor.  I thought this was a picturesque view of Howth.  The bright colors of the boats popped against the blue sky and sea.

Fishing trawlers in Howth Harbor

We made it home just in time for the rain and wind to roll back in from the Irish Sea.  Thanks for coming to Howth with us!

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