We survived our first trip as a family of 5.  No one got injured, lost, sick, or any other maladies that could have befallen us.  Instead, we had a wonderful time in a lovely city.  One of the great things about living over here is that we can take trips to places we would never have gone, if we lived in the US.  Copenhagen was a short, 2 hour flight, from Ireland.

Postcard worthy!

We rented an apartment from for the week.  It was a great apartment, in a fabulous location.  I cannot recommend this service enough.  The thought of all 5 of us in a (tiny) European hotel room for one week was enough to make me go crazy.  This apartment had 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and tons of living space.  The family who owns the apartment have two young children, so everything was already “kid-proofed” and there were tons of new-to-us toys to entertain the kids. There was a great courtyard in the interior of the apartment building, which was a great area to enjoy the cool Copenhagen evenings.

The apartment building, from the courtyard.

The apartment was full of wonderful Danish design.  They even had an Eames rocking chair in the kitchen.  Swoon!  I would love to have one of these chairs.

Patrick and Brad in the Eames chair

The first day we went on a walking tour of central Copenhagen.  We ate lunch at a beautiful cafe tucked away in a tiny square.

Strapped in, loaded up, and ready to go! (Patrick was with me, in the Ergo.)
Lunch cafe

We went to Tivoli Gardens the second day.  Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park built in 1843.  It is “delightfully Danish” but you can definitely see how it influenced Walt Disney.  The weather was less than stellar this day, but we still managed to take in a few rides, the aquarium, and more snacks than usual.

Entrance to Tivoli Gardens
One (of many) of our attempts at a sibling picture

The following day we went to the zoo.  Our kids love the zoo – any zoo, really.

The Danish have a thing for elephants…
Alice the camel had – 2 – humps…

We went swimming on Friday, but don’t have any pictures.  (Indoor pool did not allow pics.)  On Saturday, we went to the National Museum (no pics there either).  We ate lunch in the museum’s restaurant and found out that Isaac LOVES pickled herring mashed potatoes.  Afterwards, we spent some time at Rosenborg Slot (castle).

Rosenborg Castle (and park)
Chillin’ at the park
At home later that day. Who are you looking at?

On Sunday, we had brunch at a cafe, walked around the Embassy district (saw yet another ugly US Embassy.  Whoever designed the US Embassies in the 1970s was uninspired, to say the least, but that’s a post for another day.)  We also went on a harbor cruise!  The kids liked riding on a boat, and sometimes, it’s just nice to have the sights come to you.  We saw the Little Mermaid statue (emphasis on ‘little’).  Hans Christian Andersen was from Copenhagen, and his literary legacy is evident across the city.

Little Mermaid

All in all – the first big family vacation was a success.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself – our first family vacation was in Copenhagen. Really?! Now if I could only find a way to transport that apartment back to Dublin…

Patrick relaxing by the window

We took tons and tons of photos.  There are two photo albums on Picasa:

The big one (100+ photos) available here.

Don’t want to see 100 photos of our trip?  The “Top 10” album is available here.

We also passed another milestone today.  One year ago today, we left the US on a one-way ticket to Dublin.  It’s been a wild and crazy, but one year, and one additional child, later, we consider ourselves very blessed.  Look for a post coming soon!



4 thoughts on “Copenhagen”

  1. I love the pictures and the blog. So happy for all the wonderful sights you are seeing. Sounds fun and quite an adenture.

  2. A word of warning for future vacations: no matter how much the kids love the zoo, do NOT take them to the Budapest zoo! It had been highly recommended to us because it is one of the oldest zoos, and supposedly has beautiful art nouveau buildings. Turns out, the buildings aren’t that pretty, and the animals are SO depressing. Many of them had mange (ok, I’m not a vet, but it looked like mange to me) and just looked undernourished and sad. I’ve never seen such sick looking camels! The whole experience really depressed me, so I can only imagine how the kids would feel.

    That was the only zoo we visited on our Europe trip – but I just wanted to share in case you got the same enthusiastic recommendations!

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on that one! I hate finding out when some of the sights are really duds, but it is always better to find out beforehand! Hope you and Mark are doing well!

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