Winter Update

These pages have been quiet of late, but the kids have been staying busy.  Here’s the latest news:

  • Isaac is doing very well on his strider bike (video)
  • Liesl is standing up and getting better balance all the time (videos)
  • A jumping whale now lives in our bathroom (pic)

So Isaac is getting a bath, and I leave to check on something. Upon my return the following conversation ensues:

Me:  “Did you throw the whale?”  (As an aside, we have been working on NOT throwing toys.)
Isaac: “No”
Me: “Did it jump from the bathtub to the potty?”
Isaac: “Yes, it jumped”
Me: “Good thing it didn’t land in the potty”
Isaac: “Yeah, the whale would not like that”

Jumping whale

Overheard from the Nativity scene

Overheard from our Nativity scene:

Isaac (holding Mary in one hand and Joseph in the other):  “Mary!  Do not hit Joseph!  I am putting you in timeout.”  (Isaac puts Mary in the corner – facing the wall.)

Isaac (now talking to Joseph):  “It’s ok Joseph, Mary is in time out now.  She will say she is sorry when she gets out of time out.”

Isaac (to Mary): “We do not hit others.  It is not nice.”

Hmmm…Holy Family domestic violence?

Happy Halloween!

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend.  The weather in Austin was absolutely beautiful – dry, cool, and not a cloud in the sky.  We went across the street to our neighbors’ house for a cookout before heading out to trick-or-treat.  It was 5 families and 16 kids – I mean, a smattering of fairy princesses, various saints and/or pirates, and assorted animals.  This year, we actually started to trick-or-treat before the sun went down, so we were able to get a few good pics.  Isaac was a fireman, and Liesl wore a pumpkin onesie.

We practiced saying “trick-or-treat” with Isaac, and also saying “Thank you”.  However, most of the time he said “Thank you” at the beginning, and “trick-or-treat” after he received candy.  There are a few more pictures here.   Mommy and Daddy are now enjoying all of Isaac’s candy. :)