Boston Marathon

A few weeks ago, Taylor ran in the Boston Marathon.  Since Boston is only a 6-hour flight from Dublin, Patrick and I made the trip.  Grandmother, GrandDan, Jay, Taylor, and Megan were all in town, so Patrick could meet everyone at once.  He was three weeks old – his passport arrived just in time!  Traveling with a 3-week old baby seems like it would be challenging, but it was reasonably easy.  He is small enough to sit in a sling, he is nursing, and he slept most of the time.  Traveling with Patrick is a breeze compared to flying with Isaac and Liesl.

Boston Bound!

We flew Aer Lingus, the national carrier of Ireland.  The flight crew was incredibly helpful, and so much nicer than United/Continental!  I got a seat on the first row of coach, which is on the bulkhead row.  In addition to tons of legroom, I also had a bassinet for him to sleep in.

Patrick in the bassinet

(The picture was at a weird angle, because I was trying to take it while seated.)

The weather was unseasonably warm on race day, but it made for beautiful spectator weather!

Instagram photo of the cheering squad!

Being the cheerleaders requires a lot of waiting…plenty of time to change into our matching t-shirts that Mother brought and take pictures!  I am the only one not wearing shorts because I didn’t realize how warm it would be.  I don’t even have any shorts in Dublin.

Jay, Rheagan, and Megan - in matching t-shirts!
GrandDan and Patrick
Here she comes!

We were around the 15-mile marker.  Taylor had requested some mid-race snacks, which we brought along (and tried really hard not to eat).

Giving her oranges and Reese's peanut butter cups (from Evan)

And she was back on the course in no time at all!

And she was off again!

Dad held Patrick most of the time, and then we put him in the Baby Bjorn for trip back to Jay’s apartment.  Jay was wearing the Bjorn, when we realized that to get back to the train station, we would need to cross the course.  Below is a picture of Jay (with Patrick) running “in the Boston marathon”.

Jay and Patrick - making a run for it

We had a wonderful post-marathon dinner of Mexican food – yay!

On the way to dinner
Congratulations Taylor!

Congratulations to Taylor and her successful marathon!  I wish I had taken more pictures on the trip.  We had a wonderful time, and it was great to see my family.

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  1. I love these pictures. Loved seeing GranDan holding Patrick and seeing your family. Thanks for sharing. Way to go Taylor.

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