Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday!

This weekend, we had Isaac and Liesl’s first Irish birthday party.  It was our first foray into the “friends party”.  In past years, we have done a small party with mainly family.   This time, we invited the classmates from Isaac’s Montessori school, and a few friends from our expat network.  Isaac’s school only has 10 classmates, so we invited all of them.  I thought, “I’m sure not everyone will be able to come.  Maybe we’ll have 5 or 6 come.”

All 10 RSVPd.

Did I mention I also invited several friends from our expat network?

And I scheduled this party over lunch?

Apparently, I was not thinking clearly.

Waiting for our friends to arrive

Originally, the plan was to have games and cupcakes out in the green in front of our house.  Of course, I did not plan for it to be 46 degrees and raining.  We have had a very cool and rainy May, even by Irish standards.  So what do you do with 15 kids ranging in age from 18 months – 4 years, a few adults, and a cold and dreary day?

You play ‘Pass the Parcel’ and open a few presents:

Opening Presents

Then, you crowd all of the kids into the kitchen (i.e. off the carpet) to make a craft!  I am glad I came up with a backup plan for an indoor party.  We made pine cone bird feeders.  I am NOT a crafty person, but luckily this craft was simple and easy.

First, cover pine cone in peanut butter
More spreading...and eating of peanut butter
Then cover pine cone (and ground) in bird seed

After making bird feeders, we ate lunch.  Brad and I thought that peanut butter sandwiches and fruit salad would be a great meal for preschoolers.  However, neither of us thought about the fact that PB&J is not a common sandwich here.  In fact, all of the kids took one look (or bite) of the sandwich and promptly proclaimed: “I don’t like it”.  Not one Irish child ate a sandwich.  Isaac and Liesl, on the other hand, thought the sandwiches were extra special because they were on white bread, instead of wheat.

Rejecting peanut butter sandwiches

After lunch, we had cupcakes and sang ‘Happy Birthday’.  (Video to follow).  The kids then played…

The play kitchen

and played…

The train

and played…

Note the absence of toys on the bookcase

Until everyone went home…

Isaac after the party

Brad and I definitely learned a few things:

1.  “Low key” parties at home are ANYTHING but!  Especially with 15 preschoolers underfoot.

2.  In Ireland at least, you should always plan for an inside party.  Then, if the weather happens to be nice, you can go outside.

3.  Preschool girls are much more social than preschool boys.  Most of the boys were clingy and quiet, while the girls just wanted to talktalktalk.  It was a fascinating difference in disposition.

4.  Best part about having two kids with birthdays 3 days apart:  We don’t have to throw another party like this for a YEAR!  Hurray!

Thanks to all of the parents and friends who joined us.  We had a wonderful time and made some great memories!

Happy Birthday from Ireland

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5 thoughts on “Birthday Party!”

  1. I consider it to be a neat party. I didn’t know there were any kids that didn’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I keep learning more from your posts.

    1. Phyllis – Yes, it was fun for them, but a ton of work for us! We had a great time as well, but we were basically ‘spent’ for the rest of the weekend. 😉

  2. I loved reading your post!!!! You just had a day full of surprises and ….memories! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LIESL AND ISAAC!!!!

  3. Love this post. Don and I were cracking up laughing about the PB&J. Happy birthday Isaac and Liesl!

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